Mawazine Festival : All you need to know

Mawazine Festival : All you need to know

Blog Mawazine Festival : All you need to know

The Mawazine-Rhythms of the World Festival is a music festival organized every year in May and June, in Rabat and Salé since 20011. The Mawazine Festival welcomed a record audience of 2.5 million viewers in 20132,3. According to a MTV ranking, Mawazine is the second largest music festival in the world in 2013, behind Donauinselfest (in) in Austria, and the largest festival on the African continent4. It is a crossroads of expression for various international artists, especially the French and English speaking worlds.

The festival occurs every year in various locations in Rabat, the biggest one is Olm Souissi stage located near the the Hotel Sofitel, alot of people from allover the country and even from Europe assist to the live music show a unique music experience. i

  • The venues are secure with two separate areas, one from where it is free to watch as no tickets are required and a the other, next to the stage, for where you need to purchase tickets.
  • 3 smaller stages: the historical site 'Chellah', Mohammed V national theater and the renaissance cultural center.

Is attending the Festival Safe ?

During the festival , you will find parked at the entrance many police officers, firemen and paramedics ,also security agents. But it is adivsed to buy your own ticket ,and be vigilant if ever you decide to watch the concert from a free area , since you could encounter pickpocketers .